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Magma Auto-Lease

Magma Auto Lease is a part of the Magma Fincorp Ltd. We at Auto Lease -Magma Fincorp work alongside with Car Loan business team.

Auto Lease Business was created to provide one-stop-shop Auto finance facility to large, medium to small businesses. Also to cater to growing need for Organization to finance their fleet acquisition for organization requirements or for employee benefit goals.

We are one of the fastest growing leasing providers in India. We are one of the top 5 car leasing solution providers in India with fleet size of 5000+ vehicles.

We offer

  • flexible financing solutions
  • Exclusive consultancy services
  • Hassle free transactions

About Magma Fincorp

Magma Fincorp Ltd is one of India's premier and largest NBFCs, with a strong distribution and service network, along with an impressive penetration in rural India. Incorporated in 1988, today we work in 20+ states with network of 230+ branches and offer a wide range of financial products and services, including car and utility vehicle finance, mortgage loan, SME loans, commercial vehicle finance, construction equipment finance, strategic construction equipment finance, tractor finance, and insurance, as well as refinance products. Magma Fincorp manages assets worth over Rs.160 billion

Our Services

Auto Lease - Financing solutions

Magma provides flexible financing solutions that are tailored to the customer needs. We offer a product & solution choosing between

  • Operating Lease
  • Finance Lease.

Types of Lease Finance

Operating Lease

We offer operating lease (dry Lease) to our customer where lessee arranges and pay for maintenance, fuel & driver and return the vehicle to Magma at the end of the lease period without any further obligation.

Finance Lease

We offer Finance Lease solution where customer can lease vehicle for the major part of its useful life with low residual value and at the end of the lease term, the lessee will obtain ownership of the vehicle. This is an on-balance-sheet, structured solution that transfers the risks and rewards of ownership to your company.

Products & Services

Our product & services cater to all industry segment including BFSI, IT/ITES, Consulting, Restaurant, Hospitality, Engineering, Manufacturing, Pharma, SMEs.

Corporate Lease

Corporate Lease Program is an innovative hassle free leasing program for Large & Medium size companies. It is designed to be a solution for companies to reduce depreciation, Insurance costs and all related obligations.

Lease to Small & Medium Businesses

Lease to Small & Medium Business is structured to provide affordable solution that can save time & money for small & medium businesses while providing the best deal when buying vehicles, reduce cost and improve productivity.

Lease to Individuals (businesses)

Lease to Individual is tailored for Individual Businesses which provide the flexibility of ownership with the benefit of leasing.


Key Solutions is a comprehensive consultancy extended while buying the vehicles or during the lease, that will transform the way your fleet operates enhancing employee and administration performance.

Additional Services

Magma provides a selection of different value-added services, designed to maximise your level of mobility with a minimum of effort from employee and Administration Team.


At Magma we provide Insurance solution to all leased and company vehicles to our customer. We provide product with hassle-free Insurance renewal option and with option of Insurance cost to be paid ‘on actuals’ or form part of the Monthly Rentals. Complete Insurance, administration, reporting and control services will be provided by our experts.

Vehicle Reimbursement Program

The costs for Insurance, Registration and administering a company-owned or leased car program go far beyond monthly lease payments. Through Vehicle Reimbursement Program, Our client significantly mitigates liability and risk exposure when they had been providing vehicle to employee.


  • No Depreciation.
  • Fixed monthly payment.
  • Low start-up cost.
  • Better cash flow and budgeting management.
  • Improves fleet management.

To know more on our products & services contact us today!


Your company vehicles are a key asset that can help ensure employee satisfaction and future growth for your company. We offer a range of programs and services to increase efficiencies & employee satisfaction, reduce costs and maximize the value of your company vehicles. Magma is the right partner for car lease as it combines customer focus, geographic reach and a culture of passion and excellence

Customer focus

Our solutions are designed to enhance customer satisfaction and support Organisation and employee throughout the “lifecycle” of their lease. Engaging with customers to gather their insight and suggestions is crucial which is why we have Account Manager allocated to each account, where Account Manager visit their customer regularly to discuss new trends, recent development, portfolio update and how we can jointly solve new challenges.

Passion and excellence

For over 26 years, passion and excellence has been part of Magma’s DNA. Magma’s Auto Lease team combines a heritage of excellence and a true passion for the automotive world.

We continuously invest in developing new technologies to make financing solution more efficient and cost effective.

Our business team apply the most rigorous methodologies and learning from various businesses in reviewing our customers’ fleet operations, assessing need and creating tailored strategies.

Local expertise and capabilities

One of the fastest growing car leasing companies in India, Magma finances and manages over 5000 cars in India. As a preferred car leasing provider for multinational & large Indian companies, we serve over 140 large & medium company’s fleets across 14 states

Our capabilities include:

  • Fast and reliable implementation of multi-location programs
  • Operational &system Capabilities for 14states
  • Local representative in each market where we operate

Leveraging Retail strength

By specializing we have developed a real understanding of our chosen sectors. And we’re flexible enough to adapt to our partners’ changing needs. With our combination of industry expertise, financial knowledge and customer focus, Magma can deliver flexible financing program and services that are tailored to your business requirements.

Strong Balance-sheet

When it’s time to get new company vehicles, you want an uninterrupted, flexible, cost-effective financing that makes sense for your business. Whether your fleet is large or small, we bring our financial experience, banking relationship and balance-sheet strength to help make your financing decisions easy and profitable.


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